Last updated on: 2023-08-16

Xiao, F. & Yeo, T. E. D. (manuscript in preparation). Social media strategies of information sharing and knowledge management in online social support group as a community of practice. Targeting for submission at Chinese Journal of Communication.

Xiao, F. & Tse, T. (manuscript in preparation). Fashion competence and heterogenous disposal practices of Hong Kong gay consumers. Targeting for submission at European Journal of Cultural Studies.

Qin, Y. A., Xiao, F. & Dai, L. J. (manuscript in preparation). Tell China’s conspiracy well: Networks and narratives of anti-CCP YouTube influencers. Targeting for submission at Information, Communication & Society.

Huang, X., Xiao, F. & Fang, K. (manuscript in preparation). Journalistic sourcing and maternity narratives in China: Ten years after the end of one-child policy. Targeting for submission at Journalism Studies.